Monday, September 26, 2011

Quilling Class!!

I have come to love quilling! But I'm sure I'm not very good at it. Well imagine my surprize when I found this class at My Creative Classroom!

The first week we did basic open and closed coils. My daughter helped me make this out of the shapes we learned to make. It turned out cute.
The class homework assignment was this great card! I think mine turned out well! I do know that my coils look much better than my originals (read that 'before class') lol

The center scallop and oval is left blank because I am not sure what I will be using this card for. When I figure it out, I will stamp the sentiment on the white oval with blue ink and maybe add some crystals.

So... I had these cards listed on etsy. They get lots of views, but no sales. I thought they could use some sprucing up with some quilled flowers. What do you think? I like the new ones better!!

Old cards
More pictures here: Quilled Note Cards

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  1. Your quilling is beautiful! Yes, I like the quills you added to your note cards too :) Keep enjoying your new found craft!



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