Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee Cozies or Sleeves or Jackets Tutorial

We have the most fab coffee shop where I live. And they have the greatest mural on their wall. And an even greater YouTube video showing the time lapse of painting it!

Like all coffee shops, they use the cardboard throw away coffee sleeves. Since I am a sewer, I thought I would make some reusable insulated coffee sleeves and put them in there on consignment. They are pretty easy to make.

First assignment was a trip to Real Coffee to get some coffee. It came with one of their cardboard sleeves.

I used it to make my pattern. For length, I doubled the length and added a few inches to the width because I wanted mine to be a bit wider. You can make your pattern to your liking. That's the beauty of making your own.


Cut out your pieces. With the fabric right sides together I cut two pieces of the cotton. For the insulation, I used 'InsulBright' fabric. It is machine washable and dryable and helps protect against heat. You can also use batting and ironing board material. You would use one piece of each in the center instead of the one piece of Insulbright.

Take your 2 pieces of cotton fabric, right sides together, add your piece of Insulbright (or batting and ironing board fabric) to the top. The next thing you need is an elastic hair tie. I used some I had on hand. Mine had the little metal piece in them, so I just cut this out. Fold the elastic in half and place it as in the picture before sewing your seams. Place it with the cut sides even with the edge of your fabric, in between your two pieces of cotton that are faced right sides together.

Sew your seams using approximately 1/2 inch seams leaving an opening approximately 2 inches to turn your sleeve right side out. I left my opening on the bottom. When sewing over the elastic, I back spaced, then went over it again so it would be extra secure.

Trim the seams and clip your corners. Next you need to turn them right side out making sure that the Insulbright is still in the center. My first try I had it on the outside! LOL

As you can see, I made lots!

Next step is to iron them all. (By this time it was breakfast, thus the Eggo's! Bad, bad breakfast, but it tasted so yummy! and don't look at my mess behind the ironing board!)

Then sew about 1/8 inch around all the edges. Slip stitch the  opening that you turned it through.

In measuring where to put the button, I wrapped the sleeve around the large cup and made a mark under the elastic with my sewing chalk.
Oops! So much for the new Blogger format! I hit the wrong button!! A few more pictures to come! LOL
Ok... let's finish this up!
Wrap your cozy around the cup you bought for your sample. I used tailor's chalk to mark where I wanted my button to go. Sew the button on and yay! You are done!
I am now going to put tags on mine and sell them on consignment at the coffee shop. Next time I think I will do sew in labels. These would also make great gifts for the coffee lover on your list!

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  1. I think they are great! Makes me want a Chai Latte right now!

  2. That owl fabric is great! I need some badly. I have only seen it at the expensive shop near me and I am not sure I want to spend that much:) Making these sleeves is on my list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fabulous tutorial! So happy to find your cool blog!

  4. So pretty! What a grand idea! :)

  5. What a fabulous project!!! LOVE them!!!


  6. Super Cute...

    thanks for sharing!

    New follower!

  7. I absolutely love these. I've been seeing them alot lately in blogville. I may have to make one for myself!


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