Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back Up Your Blog

So last week Blogger was down for what 24 hours or so? And they lost some posts that they are trying to restore. Will they ever get them all back?

There's a very easy way to back up your blog so when this happens again you haven't lost everything. You'll want to back up 2 things, the template and the posts.

To back up the template go to your Dashboard, then 'Design', 'Edit HTML'.

Hit the 'download full template' link and save the file. Make a folder so you can backup weekly, monthly, whatever you think depending on how often you post. This saves your design.

Next go to 'Settings', 'Basic'.

Choose 'Export blog'.

Click the big orange button, save the file and voila! You have your whole blog backed up in case there are ever issues again. 

Again, depending on how often you post, decide how often you want to backup your blog.


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