Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Season is Just About Here!

Wedding season is coming up! I have these adorable hankies on sale until the end of the month! These would make a cherished gift for the bride. It's something New and Blue! And something that will be a keepsake forever.

This elegant lace handkerchief is embroidered with the bride and groom's first names and date of their wedding in blue. Other colors can be chosen. Then the hankie is dressed up in this adorable card stock bodice, hanging sweetly on a tiny hanger with a ribbon sash.

During the sale, these hankies will also come with a pretty tag in it's own gift box ready for giving. ON sale here: KZ Embroidery & Gifts

Wedding hankie gift tag

hankie and tag in gift box


  1. Hi, Kathy - I'm a new follower. These hankies are beautiful and I'd like to suggest another wedding idea for them. When my stepdaughter was married, I purchased a fancy hanky (but not nearly as pretty as these!) for the groom's mother--a sort of mother-of-the-bride to mother-of-the-groom gift. I thought it was the perfect little kindness because most of us moms cry and NEED a hanky at our children's weddings. Wonderful blog - so happy to receive all your posts now.

  2. Such an adorable favor for a wedding! Much better than mints! ;)
    You are one talented lady.


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