Monday, August 22, 2011

Fabulous Prize! and Glass Etching

I won this fabulous prize from Antonella! Blogiversary Giveaway! Antonella has a wonderful blog. She is my Go To blog when I need help with my quilling. I just took that up a few months ago and am having a great time with it.
Included were papers, stickers, a punch, Twirled Paper by Klutz, pencils, a calendar, cards, a glass ornament, just so many great things!!

 I have done a few projects with this already, the first being glass etching. I have been itching to do some etching! ;-) This glass ornament was my first project. I also had a bottle that I got at the Thrift store and a pumpkin shaped jar that I wanted to etch on.

For the glass etching,  I got all my supplies together, my glass pieces, some inexpensive paint brushes, Armour Etch (purchased at Hobby Lobby) and covered my work space with paper.
Using my Silhouette I cut some pieces out of vinyl. For the glass ornament I chose snowflakes. For the bottle, I decided to make a vase out of it for some paper flowers so found a scrolly flower design.
The next was the hard part for me since my glass jar was tapered where I wanted the etching to be. The glass ornament was a cinch. Decide where you want the design to be. Place the vinyl accordingly.
For the glass bottle, I should have made extra cuts in my vinyl and overlapped in spots. When placing the vinyl you don't want any buckles on corners and such. If you have these, the etching cream will get underneath them and etch spots you don't want etched.  Be sure your vinyl is as flat as possible before adding the etching cream.
Next, slather the etching cream on being very careful not to get it on your hands or anything but the glass. The instructions say to leave the cream on for 10 minutes. I have found that that's not long enough. I left the cream  on these 2 items for 30 minutes. When I did the pumpkin, I left it on for an hour! Set them somewhere that they won't drip. My soon to be vase dripped incessantly. I tried to keep the drips under control with my brush every few minutes.

Once your 30 minutes has lapsed, taking your brush, you can scrape off any excess cream and put it back in the jar for the next time. After you've done that, take items to the sink and rinse with water. I also used a paper towel to help get the cream off. Once I had all the cream off, I removed the vinyl. My ornament came out fabulously!

I will show pictures of the vase and pumpkin in another  post. I've also done some quilled birthday cards with the quilling book that I will post later.

Thanks so much Antonella!!


  1. Wow Thank You Kathy glass etching has been on my list of to do-- I had though we needed to scrape away the glass-- such an informative tutorial Thank You !


  2. Kathy,

    Wow! Such a beautiful etching! I haven't tried any yet and am fascinated by the process (still too afraid to try).

    I am so glad that you are having such a fun time and getting such wonderful use out of the gifts!

    antonella :-)


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