Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time for Some New Products!

      So my website at KZ Embroidery slowed down considerably in April. I've been working with my hosting provider since then to work it out, switching servers, upgrading to their new and exciting 4G, all to no avail!
I finally switched hosting companies. But now the site is back up and much faster! So I've gotten to list some new products!

Chalkboard Labels!

These labels are great for organizing! Sets of 6 for only $4.95 plus free shipping! Choose your shape! Butterfly, flower, cute frames. These labels are removable and reusable. Write on them with plain chalk or a chalk marker. They are approximately 3 by 2 1/2 inches, although the scalloped frame labels are 3 by 3 inches. Perfect size for your jars, canisters, organizer bins, you name it. We also have 2 other sizes!

Blankie, Burp & Binky Clip
Personalized burp rag, large size receiving blanket and matching binky clip. $32.95. 3 fabrics to choose from, but if it's at Joann's, I can do it in your choice of any of their fabrics.

BabyCakes Diaper Cupcakes
Includes 2 disposable diapers, 4 washclothes, 1 bib, 1 onesie and 2 pairs of baby booties.  All boxed up like cupcakes. $29.95
I can do these in pink, blue, purple or green!
 The onesie and disposable diapers are organic too.

And More!

 Glass Block Night Light

New Mother Daughter Aprons
(the ribbon aprons we had last year are no longer available so we found these)
 I'd love it if you checked out the website! It is oh so fast now!


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