Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Can Garden!

Not much you can grow in Arizona, although I did have 2 artichoke plants that did really well. Now that we are in Wisconsin.... I can garden!

We belong to a farm co-op (CSA or Community Supported Agriculture) but there were a few things last year we'd have liked more of. So I am going to try and grow them! Green onions, radishes, artichokes, cantaloupes and some soy beans.

groOrganic has kindly given me a 30 day trial period on their Garden Planner in exchange for my reviewing it.

I have just started and let me tell you... it is very easy to use! I've put in my little plot area and added some for some containers that I am going to plant. I think I need to actually measure now!

Stay tuned for more as I plant and grow!


  1. Thank you for the follow! Do you still grow artichokes now that you live in Wisconson?

  2. I haven't tried artichokes yet, but they are on my list for this year!


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