Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook Emails Going to 'Updates' Folder

Hi! and Happy New Year!

Well, Facebook is rolling out another change. They are changing the way their 'mail' system works. For those of us with business pages, some functionality has already changed.

First of all, to send an 'update' to people who have 'liked' your page, you now need to do the following:
Select 'Edit Page' under your profile picture for your business page.
Click the 'Marketing' tab.
Click 'Send an Update'

You used to be able to 'send an update' from the bottom of your business profile page.

Next... when you send these 'updates' they no longer go to the 'messages' box where you see all your normal emails. They go to an 'updates' folder that you won't see unless you actually look for it. This is how it looks under your profile:

You actually need to click on 'Messages' and then it will look like this:

As you can see, it opens up a new menu and shows that I have messages in my 'Updates' box.

There is no other notification that I have these messages, just like the new 'Spam' filter for your news feed.

Facebook is making quite a few changes to their 'mail' system. One of which is you will be able to have an @facebook email. They are rolling them out a bit at a time and you must request an invitation to be included. I've requested an invitation, we'll see how it goes. I'm not sure I like the new profile changes yet. Any thoughts on this?


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