Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook Spam Filter

Facebook now categorizing posts as spam!

Facebook has added a new option under your 'filters'. If you look right under your tabs and 'Share' header you will see 'Options' on the right hand side.

When you click on 'Options' you get this:

If you click on 'Spam' you may see that Facebook has arbitrarily decided that some of your posters are Spam! What is up with that??

If they have added anyone to your 'Spam' category, do not despair, it can be easily fixed! ;-)

Hover over the last word of the first line of the afflicted post until you see an 'x'. Click on the 'x' and you should be provided 4 options:

one of which is 'unmark as spam'. Choose that option and 'voila'! your post is back where it belongs!

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  1. I too just resently discovered this! I had a few new fans in there!


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